Thursday, March 20, 2008

Off to the airport

You guys! I am so excited!

My Mom comes to town today!

You know who's even more excited than I am?

My kids!

I wish that my kids could see her every day. She does too; she's jealous of her friends who get to take care of a grandchild once a week. She is so wonderful with them. She puts them first, stopping what she's doing to play with them or read to them whenever they ask. She always has a million ideas for play or craft projects. All three kids soak her up when we're with her, and cry for days when she leaves.

I know it's my own fault for insisting that we live here, instead of living near family. I truly love where we live: the climate, the culture, the people, the school, the jobs... but there are trade-offs, all of which involve the family members we miss so terribly. It's tough.

But on days like today, I can just celebrate! Because Grandma is coming, and she's staying for eleven whole days!

(And during that time, The Hubby and I are getting out of dodge for a couple of days! Woot!)


Anonymous said...

Eleven days of Grandma Time. Your children must be ecstatic.

JCK said...

Enjoy! I love it when my mom visits, too. It is SO hard to have the grandparents far away.

Enjoy the couple time!!

blackbird said...

That's the nicest picture...have a great time!

Sarah O. said...