Monday, January 7, 2008

A Special Outing with our Friends

After we got home from our vacation, we went to see Disney Princesses on Ice. E and S gave tickets to Big Girl and Middle Girl, and vice versa. The moms chaperoned. Needless to say, it was an unusually big Christmas present for this group!

First, we met for lunch and had a dignified meal (my kids had their favorite: spaghetti). Then, with new doggie/dolls along for the ride, all six of us in one van, we drove down to the Sports Arena and got there (gasp) early!

Finding our seats took some trial and error, and we partook of some cotton candy and sno-cones (but proud to say we resisted the MANY other opportunities to buy Princess shtuff), and S did not know why it was taking so long for the show to start. We really were quite early, especially for this group.

We were full of anticipation!

And the show did deliver. We saw all of the Princesses, as well as their male counterparts, and Tinkerbell, Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. There were at least two musical numbers from each Princess's movie. We saw silverware and candlesticks dancing, acrobatic pairs skates, a swordfight with a fiery (yes, fire!) dragon, and fireworks inside the arena. The looks of awe and wonder on my daughters' faces was worth my admission price! I'm sitting here trying to describe it without Disney cliche's, and failing!

Creatures of the sea entertained us with "Under the Sea!"

Now, having said all that, the show was made for my girls. I mean, ice skating Princesses, it's two gifts in one! But there's no reason to see it without a little girl.

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