Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good genes

Today, The Boy was running along ahead of me and his calves reminded me of my husband's.

And this, my friends? This is a very nice discovery.


smalltownmom said...


(What a coincidence -- I have a "shared DNA" post scheduled for tomorrow.)

Kathy H said...

My son and my father have my calves. It's pretty amusing when we toddle down the street together. Not good, necessarily!!

Margaret said...

It's funny the things we hope we won't pass on. Me? I always hoped my children would be good at math. Sigh. I'm still hoping.

JCK said...

That's so fun when you can see the genes at work. My daughter has one baby toe that looks like mine and the other looks like my husband's!

Jason, as himself said...

That's great!

Now if only we could pick and choose.