Thursday, June 28, 2012

Matt Cain's Perfect Game!

(I have not lost any of my fanaticism for the San Francisco Giants.  I am still watching/following every game on the internet, smart phone, tv, or radio.)

I was sick with "could be bronchitis."  Very unlike me, even while sick, I stayed in bed for a day or so, too ill to stay awake.  I had the Giants game on, but fell asleep early in the evening.  And  MATT CAIN THREW A PERFECT GAME.





Thankfully, we live in a time when you can just call up yesterday's game and watch it, so I did see the game, but I didn't get to experience the (I'm guessing paralyzing) tension of watching it live, which I'm sure I would have done through my fingers.

But it was great.  Cain said he felt the contributions of everyone on the field with him, every fan in the stands.  He gave credit where it was due, to Buster Posey calling the pitches (none of which he shook off)... to outfielders Cabrera and Blanco making a couple of amazing outs...  and to the offense scoring 10 runs!

Let's re-live it. 
Wednesday, June 13, 2012
AT&T Park, San Francisco
San Francisco Giants (10) vs. Houston Astros (0)
Matt Cain throws MLB's 22nd Perfect Game

  • Cain hits a golf ball into the marina before the game.
  • There was a guy in a jet pack hovering over the bay.
  • The Giants keep scoring!
  • We realize there have been no hits and no walks.  But we dare not think about it... not yet...
  • All those strikeouts (14).
  • The MelkMan (Cabrera) makes that catch!  The hitter's bemused face seems to say "clearly something big is happening here tonight."  Cain's face shows he thinks so too!
  • Blanco's catch!  Unbelievable!
  • The wives watching (including my favorite, Nicole Vogelsong, who seems like she's the rock).
  • The ninth inning.  Cain looks around the stadium and takes it all in.
  • The final out, when Arias somehow stays upright and makes the throw!  And Belt puts the ball in his pocket, to give to Cain in a calmer moment. 
  • The hugs.  Cain & Posey, Cain & Everyone!
  • Cain's remarks on field after the game.  What a class act.

All 27 outs (including those two catches!) and the hugs:

Post-game interviews

It was foul

The 9th inning

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