Monday, June 8, 2009

A full day ... full of awesome!

On Saturday I was on the road at about 8:40 am, headed north on my little solo adventure! I was going to enjoy some scenery, meet a blogger, and earn a little money! A diverse plan!

An hour or so into my drive, I saw this:

Cinderella's carriage, including the white horse! Right there on the freeway! Click on it to get a better look at it - really quite something.
No doubt it was headed to someone's wedding. Not the same wedding I would be working at, though!

I had some companionship in the car with me.

Meet my little friend, Mr. Garmin. (The Hubby's newest gadget.) He talked to me during the drive, telling me where to turn, which freeways to take, where to get gas... we didn't always agree, but that makes for more interesting conversation, right?

Here, Mr. Garmin is showing me that I should take Highway 101 to Highway 101. Very helpful, thank you, Mr. Garmin.

Now looky here! Mr. Garmin and I are in the middle of nowhere!
(I apologize for the blurriness. I was driving, yo. On the open road.)

Mr. Garmin tells me that we are right next to the ocean.

Look! He's right!

Thank goodness for Mr. Garmin; how else would I know to look out the window and find a headland so I can snap a pretty photo? :-D
(yes, while driving. The Hubby was not so happy about that...)

Also out the window of my moving vehicle...
I saw a lot of charred hillsides, after the recent fires in this area:

Then I saw the hillsides adjacent to the burn areas: this is how everything looked before:


(I actually pulled off the road for that one.)

When I got to the town where the wedding would be held, a friend was there to meet me! I got to spend a couple of hours with Heidi from smalltown mom, and we had a lovely time! She showed me around, while we talked and talked. We peeked in shops, and found some fun socks (my recent interest in novelty socks is a sure sign that I am turning into my mother). Heidi even treated me to a delicious lunch!

We had to have a bloggers' meet-up shoe photo! (I forgot about the shoe photo! I chose my shoes that day based on comfort, not cuteness... but check out Heidi's sassy leopards!)

It was so wonderful meeting Heidi... I feel so fortunate to have gotten to know her better! (Heidi, we should have taken a picture of our sock purchases! Well, I'll put pictures of mine here; you can put a picture of yours on your blog, too!)

Hopefully Heidi and I will get together again sometime!

Well, I had to get to work. It was the reason for this trip, after all...

Wedding time!

The wedding was in one of the historic California Missions.

They were having a Catholic Mass for their wedding, and I was cantoring. This means I was singing LOTS of music. I was very happy with how I sounded, and believe me, this is rare. I am so picky and hard on myself, but I was feeling good about this one! I got really nice responses, too, and the Father of the Bride even tipped me an extra fifty bucks! (Note to self: bumping into the Father of the Bride after the wedding can be a good idea!) Clearly, this was one of those days: an absolute *GEM* of a day!

When I got home, the kids were SO EXCITED about their new socks! (I had no doubt they would be.)

I got two for myself, and two for The Boy, since his socks seem to be disappearing.

Everyone HAD to put them on IMMEDIATELY!

Penguins for Big Girl, horses for Middle Girl, trains and clownfish for The Boy, and Chuck Taylors and sushi (!!) for me!

I just love these kitschy-cute sushi socks!

I'll write more about the Chuck Taylor socks later ... I've got an idea for a future post!

Here are a bunch more photos from the day, for your viewing pleasure!


JCK said...

What adorable sock pictures! Love the one of you and your kids, and your solo sassy shot. Have missed you! Very cool that you had this side job AND got to meet a fellow blogger.

Jen on the Edge said...

What a wonderful day.

We were in that area a few years ago and hope to go back again soon. (I'm lobbying for next year's spring break.) If we go, I definitely want to go to that sock shop (my aunt lives not too far from Small Town Mom and has told me about it), plus I definitely want to meet Small Town Mom!!!

smalltownmom said...

Oh, I love all your pictures! And the Cinderella carriage, how cool is that!

I had a wonderful time, too. Hope we can meet again!

Margaret said...

What fun. Love the socks -- and the carriage.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

How fun . . . there's a shoe pic with Heidi on my horizon too!

Kathy H said...

I've seen that Cinderella coach before, right near Lake Ave. in Pasadena on the 210. So romantic! My wedding getaway car was a beaten up Saab that belonged to my little sister. We'd forgotten to book a limo from the reception to the hotel!!

LemonySarah said...

Yipe! Not only have I missed reading your blog (fear not: You're not alone. I've been extremely remiss), I didn't realize that my two best SoCal blog friends got together!

I am jealous. And happy that you two had a great time. :)