Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break

Last week my girls were on Spring Break. The main item on the agenda was "open-ended hanging-out time," which is SOOOO good for my kids. They do really well when we don't have to be anywhere!

I did take them to the zoo one day, and the oldest went to a birthday sleepover. My father-in-law came to visit late afternoon Friday - noon Saturday.

Thursday was the one "big" thing we did for Spring Break - The Hubby took the day off and we drove down to Legoland!

They have various American "cities" built out of Legos: New Orleans, Las Vegas, Manhattan, Southern California, etc. In Washington, D.C., they have replicated President Obama's* Inauguration! It's fantastic. I took pictures:

Look at Aretha!

When we got home, I did some googling and found out that they actually built it shortly before the Inauguration. I found a picture of what it first looked like:

It's very interesting to me that they went back and redid it to reflect what everyone actually wore! Here's the updated version, also from google:

*I just love saying "President Obama!"


smalltownmom said...

Legoland is fun!

Jen on the Edge said...

I love Legoland and the inauguration setup looks so cool!

Cafe Observer said...

Interesting & Funny!

Margaret said...

We love Legoland too! I never would have guessed they had Obama's inauguration. How cute.

JCK said...

Legoland is the best.

I would love to see those artisans at work. The miniature cities are truly amazing.

LemonySarah said...

How do people have the patience to build those things?

I love saying "President Obama" too!

Jean Spitzer said...

Lego inauguration! This is great! Thanks for posting this.