Saturday, July 5, 2008

Scenes from a Fourth

We had a very nice Fourth of July in these parts, with both community and family celebrations.

On Thursday, Middle Girl and The Boy had a little parade and sang a few songs for us at their summer school.

On the Fourth of July, our little town has a nice celebration, which includes a Pancake Breakfast in the Fire Station, a parade down our main street, food, games and music in the park, and a fireworks show at night.

This is our second year living here. Last year, we left town on the Fourth but did the Pancake Breakfast before we left.

This year, the girls and I went to watch the parade. They were hot and were not shy to let me know about it (again and again), but we all enjoyed it. It's a small and ragtag little parade, but it fits our town well.

Big Girl dressed up for the occasion, but quickly became too hot and lost the outer layer.

We saw musicians from the high school,

AYSO families and the YMCA girls' basketball league,

the local chapter of Neighbors for Peace and Justice reminded us of our rights,

the volunteers who help the city put on the Clean Air Car Show & Film Festival reminded us to B! Y! O! B! (Bring Your Own Bag!)

The Chamber of Commerce said, "Save Gas, Shop Local!"

The neighborhood preservation group dressed up as historic homes and trees,

town officials got to ride in vintage cars, and residents drove their own interesting vehicles,

The high school spirit squad performed for us,

as did the local square dance club,

and my favorite? The Scottish Pipe & Drum corps!

After the parade, we decided to forego the park and go home for some time in the pool!

We had relatives over, and we all enjoyed a hearty meal of baby back ribs, corn on the cob, and fruit salad.

After dinner, we headed over to the high school stadium, where my band played as the opening act for the fireworks!

It was the kids' first fireworks show, and they loved it! It was a great show, with musical accompaniment that really added to the spirit. I had trouble looking away from the kids' awe-struck faces to watch the fireworks!

Happy Birthday, America! We are so lucky to live here. I have several hopes and wishes for this country as we celebrate our 232nd birthday!


Anonymous said...

How fun! Our town doesn't have a parade on the 4th, which is a shame, because I know it would be great.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I love a parade. And little girls in their Fourth of July finest.

Ree said...

Beautiful pictures Barbara. I adore those outfits.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

OMG I could so jump in that pool right now! Yes it is 8:30pm and still 90 degrees out, but you probably already know that.

Sarah O. said...

I believe you celebrated the most absolutely perfect 4th ever! I love everything about it.